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Arctic Sleep's 7th full-length album Kindred Spirits is currently available for pre-order exclusively on (CLICK HERE)

Official release date is Friday, July 12, 2019. 

Arctic Sleep's seventh album, Kindred Spirits dives further into explorations of universal themes... life & death, earth & space, beauty & sorrow. 

Finding himself once again as a solo artist, Arctic Sleep founder Keith D wrote all of the music for the album with his closest & dearest friend by his side... a snowshoe cat named Yoda. Right when the music for the album had been completed, Yoda fell gravely ill and passed away. Crushed, Keith set to work writing the lyrics in bereavement. The result is "Kindred Spirits," a musical work intended to bring comfort and solace to anyone who has experienced loss, be it human or animal. 

No matter what dark place you are in, this album is intended to be by your side and help you find your way through the mires of sadness and to the meadows of hope that lie beyond. 

While still maintaining Arctic Sleep's signature sound, "Kindred Spirits" was recorded using more natural-sounding production techniques which results in an organic, honest, straightforward vibe. There is nothing to hide and all is laid bare here. Crank up the volume and let it take you away. 

The album welcomes back drummer Nick Smalkowski and features guest appearances from vocalists Craig Cirinelli and Bridget Bellavia for added emotion & power. Recorded over two weeks in the backwoods of Montgomery NY with acclaimed producer John Naclerio, this is Arctic Sleep's most emotional and sincere work to date. 


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