Everyone, I have some very bad news.  I am forced to cancel all of our 2015 East Coast tour dates.  

I just blew out my knee, and the MRI shows a re-injury of my torn ACL (which I sustained years ago in the moshpit at an Alestorm show) and also a new tear injury in the meniscus of my knee.  Right now, I can only get around on crutches and it is extremely painful.  I was fully prepared to play these shows for you sitting in a wheelchair (nothing stops me!), but I have to have the surgery done soon, on May 20th, which is only six days before we were supposed to leave.  The surgery will have me incapacitated for several weeks which means I am forced to cancel all of our dates.

I am absolutely gutted, heartbroken, and disappointed more than you could possibly know.  For the last five months, I have been pouring so much love and so much hard work into setting this tour up.  I've been putting the same care and passion into it that I do with making our music, albums and merchandise.  I spent endless hours doing research, contacting venues and promoters, contacting support bands and making new friends, sending press kits to local media, and arranging travel and lodging for the band.  Coming out to your town and meeting all of you and playing for you, and sharing the stage with all these other awesome bands, was a dream of mine and a happy thought that kept me going.  I thought about it every day and I was so excited for it.  To have to make this announcement now, and email everyone the news, I am absolutely crushed inside.  I was looking forward so much to playing in these cool cities and meeting our fans & friends in person.  

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this causes anybody.  I am beyond depressed about it.  Some of the shows will still go on without us, so if you can, please go and check out the other bands (they rule).  If you have any questions or anything, I can always be reached at arcticsleep@gmail.com

Thanks to all of you, for your understanding, and I hope we can make this happen someday.  

Keith D